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2020欧洲杯分组赛程Get the data protection you need for a future-ready cloud strategy. Streamline Google Cloud Platform data migration and data protection with Commvault software.

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2020欧洲杯分组赛程Georgia State Uses Google Cloud Platform to Improve Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive data protection for
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Move and manage data across Standard, Nearline and Coldline storage with native integration (no cloud connectors/gateways needed)

Broad range of support for applications running inside Google Cloud Platform

Streamline backup, recovery and e-discovery capabilities for Google Cloud File Store and G Suite

Commvault helps you with Google Cloud Platform data migration. Run Commvault
on-premises or in the cloud to meet your business demands.

It’s easy to migrate and protect important workloads on Google Cloud Platform when using Commvault

Streamline data protection for Google Cloud Platform

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Move, manage and use data securely in Google Cloud Platform with Commvault software. Count on us for:

Cost-effective migration

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Move huge volumes of data to the cloud quickly and easily with built-in compression and deduplication.

Robust data protection

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Reduce business risk and meet compliance requirements with enterprise-grade data protection, including strict encryption standards.

Fast, secure protection of critical workloads

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Protect common file systems on Windows and Linux, applications and databases such as Exchange, Oracle or DB2, SaaS applications like Office 365, plus big data applications such as GPFS, Mongo DB, Hadoop and more.

G Suite backup and recovery

From a single platform, align GSuite – including Google Gmail and Google Drive – back up to and recovery from the Google Cloud Platform

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Comprehensive data protection across cloud and on-premises environments

2020欧洲杯分组赛程A checklist for cloud data management

Google Keynote at Commvault GO 2017

In a replay from the Commvault GO keynote stage, Adam Massey, Director, Strategic Technology Partnerships at Google talks about the power of the Google Cloud and Commvault partnership, and how it enables customers to move, manage & protect their data – wherever it resides.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Start maximizing the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform with Commvault data protection and management today.