Multi-cloud data solutions

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Cloud data solutions let you protect, move, manage and use your data wherever it lives.

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Managing your multi-cloud with Commvault

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Protecting multi-cloud data – a growing demand

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Cloud storage is a great solution for your growing data demands. Protecting data in a cloud – or across many clouds – is a big job. You need agile, modern cloud data solutions.

Multi-cloud data management

Move, manage and use data across your diverse cloud and on-premises environments – all from one platform. Streamline work with the control and flexibility to meet changing business requirements.

Multi-cloud data migration

Migrate data to, from and between clouds with ease. Native integration with clouds and data encryption means fast, secure migration for your applications, databases, virtual machines and large data sets.

Multi-cloud disaster recovery

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Automate disaster recovery and testing across multiple clouds with less cost, effort and risk. Be confident with rapid recovery and the flexibility to restore your environment – from full databases or a single file.

Office 365 data protection

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Protect critical Office 365 data. Back up and restore to cloud or on-premises storage to meet your data compliance requirements. Use enhanced search capabilities to include Office 365 assets in your comprehensive data environment.

Dow Jones, Commvault and Amazon Web Services

Secure data migration, backup, management and recovery

  • Move 75% of all compute to the public cloud
  • 50% reduction in monthly disaster recovery operations expenditures
  • Let developers focus on innovation, not running data centers

Multi-cloud data? Many locations? Find solutions to fit your organization.

Cloud data needs to be protected and managed just like your on-premises data. Solutions are here. Align your cloud and on-premises data from a single data protection platform.  

Need to support for backup and recovery2020欧洲杯分组赛程 of files, applications, databases, hypervisors, files and more? No problem.

Use many clouds? You’re covered: Commvault supports the widest array of cloud storage options, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It’s not just one storage location- Commvault supports the many levels of cloud storage offered by each cloud provider.

63% of surveyed Commvault cloud customers are using more than one cloud. ¹

As your organization’s needs change, Commvault gives you flexibility. Data migration to a different storage level or different cloud? You’re ready. Recovery of a single file? You’re more than ready.  Commvault gives you the full capabilities for backup, recovery, eDiscovery and overall data management.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程On-premises, in the cloud, across clouds and what’s next.  As your environment changes, Commvault software scales with you.

Automation speeds your work. Artificial intelligence alerts you to threats. Commvault gives you the control you need to be ready to meet your cloud data protection goals.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Eighty-one percent of IT leaders were either extremely concerned or very concerned or very concerned about missing out on cloud advancements.

– CITO Research and Commvault, Executive Cloud Survey

Data security through backup and recovery across one cloud – or two, or more

  • Comprehensive view of data storage locations: on-premises data centers, private and public clouds.
  • Consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments.
  • IT agility from consistent, strategic data management practices.
  • Policy control management for cloud and on-premises workloads.

Data security across the cloud multiverse

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Commvault software supports more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds. Get a comprehensive view of data storage locations, consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments, and policy control management for cloud and on-premises workloads.

Cloud responsibly: Why multi-cloud computing needs data protection

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Learn key multi-cloud data protection strategy steps in the brief “Cloud responsibly: Why cloud computing needs data protection.” The brief includes four complementary Gartner reports.


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¹ TechValidate survey of 261 users of Commvault® software, April 2018