Disaster recovery isn’t about if, but when

Whether you're hit by a natural disaster, hardware failure, data breach, or ransomware attack, you need to recover your data quickly and painlessly.

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Disaster Recovery
Understanding recovery readiness in a not so ready world

Disasters can happen to anyone, but being ready depends on you

As the importance and value of data grows, being ready to protect and recover that data is more vital than ever. Whether you’re hit by a natural disaster, hardware failure, human error, data breach, or ransomware attack2020欧洲杯分组赛程 your data is under constant threat.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程You need your data back quickly, and with as little disruption as possible. Your disaster recovery readiness needs:


Recover data, applications and virtual machines from any platform


2020欧洲杯分组赛程Recovery point and time objectives (RPOs/RTOs) easily aligned with SLAs


Protect data against all kinds of threats


2020欧洲杯分组赛程Fast recovery through a single, scalable solution

Ready for IT disaster recovery. Ready to secure data.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Of course, with true readiness, you should be able to see that your backup infrastructure is secure!  Our simple, comprehensive disaster-recovery-readiness dashboard shows you where things are going well, and where you may need more work. This capability makes it easy to quickly address issues affecting recoverability. 

  • Support multiple data types, applications, and hypervisors
  • Support multiple Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to meet Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Deploy DR solutions to-and-from on-premises, and across public and private clouds
  • SLA-based protection plans for backup and DR together
  • Coordinate DR functions: failover, failback, testing, and reverse protection
  • Reduce threat exposure through system control, site, storage layer, and network strengthening

“A problem with data availability can have a catastrophic impact on a research study”

-Mark Penny, Infrastructure Systems Specialist, University of Leicester

  • £ 1 million deduplication savings
  • 96% backup success rate
  • 6 hour full backup window – decreased from 4 weeks

Simplification, automatic, rapid disaster recovery for enterprise data protection environments

Reduce your disaster recovery costs

2020欧洲杯分组赛程Build multiple DR tiers to more efficiently meet your SLAs. Allocate your data based on business value, RPO/RTO requirements and support offsite backups.

  • Better manage costs of disaster recovery backup infrastructure
  • One solution instead of multiple point-technologies
  • Easily manage recovery tiers and off-site backups

Recover your data wherever it is

Making sure your mission-critical data is accounted for and accessible is crucial to disaster recovery. With Commvault, you can recover on-premises, in the cloud, from the cloud or between clouds.

  • Recover data and state inside hypervisors
  • Business continuity – full recovery without rebuilding and populating data
  • Orchestrated DR functions: failover, failback, testing, and reverse protection

Avoid vendor lock-in and typical cost drivers

Disaster recovery to a certain facility, hardware or hypervisor can drive up costs. You need the flexibility to recover workloads from on-premises or multiple cloud locations.  Commvault can help you save disaster recovery costs by providing automatic format conversion across platforms, disaster recovery task automation, and more.

  • Replicate and recover to both like and unlike hypervisors
  • Automate common disaster recovery tasks
  • Monitor and manage your overall recovery readiness

Provision production data for secondary use cases

With access to a secured, protected copy of your production data, Commvault® software can be leveraged to manage the provisioning, migration, cloning, and presentation of data sets for secondary uses such as:

  • Dev/Test operations
  • Quality assurance
  • Security testing
  • Disaster recovery

Whitepaper: Disaster Recovery waits for no one

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